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Nti clips over just a few teeth and basically redirects the pressure so that you cannot clench at all. My dentist switched me to an nti and i cannot recommend it highly enough. do you need a prescription to buy viagra in canada Posted by ink-stained wretch at 7:06 pm on february 17, 2011 i had the same experience as ink-stained wretch. The nti is much better for me, too. Posted by ery at 7:23 pm on february 17, 2011 thanks everyone. The answers are very helpful and i will be seeing my dentist to talk about this. In the mean time, does anyone have any advice regarding clenching/grinding during the day? I catch myself doing this usually when i'm concentrating or working on something. Posted by carmel at 7:30 pm on february 17, 2011 i'd try chewing gum. Posted by taurid at 9:16 pm on february 17, 2011 i stopped grinding my teeth when i started taking a multi-b vitamin. cheap generic viagra Eventually i stop taking them, and eventually i catch myself clenching my jaw again. Starting up with the vitamin again always solves the problem. Posted by oneirodynia at 10:22 pm on february 17, 2011 i am a fellow grinder who recently ground through her night guard. can i buy viagra over the counter in boots While i'm waiting for the replacement, i've found massaging the area around the jaw to be fairly helpful to loosen the area. Here's a youtube video showing how to do it. viagra canada Posted by statsgirl at 4:33 am on february 18, 2011 [1 favorite] i also grind my teeth. Sometimes i wake up sort of sore, but even when i'm not grinding, like in the middle of the day when i can tell what i'm doing, i get a very sore jaw. For whatever reason, my jaw is where i store my stress. In fact, i can tell when i'm getting stressed out because my jaw starts to hurt even though i'm not grinding it. I mention all this because it may not all be a mechanical problem amenable to mechanical solutions. Posted by omiewise at 5:20 am on february 18, 2011 chewing gum is supposed to be bad for people with bruxism. I read that loosely holding a pencil in your mouth (cross ways) can help, and it can definitely keep you more aware of it so you can consciously relax, but for obvious reasons it's not an all the time solution! nationalityinworldhistory.net Posted by salamandrous at 6:15 am on february 18, 2011 i have tmj - and also grind. buy viagra My denist hooked me up with a soft guard, similar to an athletic mouth guard. It didn't help much. generic viagra pills Then i went to a doctor at a head and neck pain clinic. viagra over the counter joke He told me that soft guards weren't good for people like me because we chew on the soft guard. cheap viagra online He fitted me for a hard/solid guard. viagra online without prescription Worked like a charm. He also told me, during the day, to try to focus on my mouth position. Specifically, the best jaw relaxing position is when i say the letter "n. " posted by thatguyjeff at 6:56 am on february 18, 2011 similar to salandrous' suggestion, i sometimes keep my tongue. viagra online generic


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