Breeding Stallions covering Mares at Al Kadar

Both stallions are property of Susanna Armstrong.

“Borsalino” 1996: PRA Arab Stallion

Born on the stud farm “La Aldara” Sevilla

Breeder Diego Mendez

Sussana with Borsalio

Family Tree

(National Champion)




(World Champion)


(National Champion)

El Namib

Borsalino is liver chestnut with four white stockings and a white blaze. Standing approx 155cm. Borsalino has excellent confirmation with agile floating paces and natural ability for flying changes, making him an ideal stallion to breed with mares for “Doma Vaquera” competition or work.

“Embajador XXIV” 1997 pre Spanish Stallion born on the stud farm “Yeguada de la Rosa” in Badajoz .

Embajador is grey with typical long flowing wavy mane and tail. Standing 165cm with good bone. Embajador is a large horse with exceptional presence and movement, high elevation idea for piaffe and Passage and very good extended flowing paces.

Both these stallions are very good riding horses, well schooled and very noble in temperament.

They have both been ridden by Susanna on various occasions to the local ferias mixing with numerous other horses, traffic, fireworks and balloons! Both stallions are ridden in vaquera tack or work in dressage tack.

Prices on request, reduced price for mares that are not pure breeds.

Susanna with Borsalio

Festivo IV

(Champion Mare)

Embajadora IX

Amado II

Esplendida XVII

Sussana with Embajador