Rehabilitation Boxes

1 Completely fly screened with special cage doors to discourage kicking

2 Double insulated roof. Cool in summer and warm in winter.

3 Automatic watering, deep litter beds

4 Set slightly apart from the rest of the livery yard these boxes are only 20 meters away from live in experienced help.

These rehabilitation boxes are dedicated to the recovery and recuperation of horses after operation or lameness. The small paddocks enable constant movement, vital to the horse but unable to gallop, risk of re-injury is removed until the horse is able to start working again.

Rehabilitation BoxesEmbajador


We have rehabilitated many horses; some of the most rewarding have been sports horses as most have successfully returned to the demand and stress of high competition. When a horse has recovered sufficiently the vets who work with us give a step by step programme generally starting with in hand work graduating to riding until the horse is fit and well enough to return to his particular trainer or rider.