Spanish Horses and Horses for Sale

Generally there are horses available for sale at Al Kadar. We specialise in the pure bred Spanish horse but can also find you any horse of your dreams! We are interested in fitting the horse and rider together as a team and the horses we sell are generally to owners who want a horse for life or who are interested in competing in dressage. We do not work with horse dealers.

Ideally we like to bring the horse to Al Kadar so that the perspective buyer can get to know their horse before buying. “Caseta Al Kadar” is an ideal place to stay while looking for your horse

Fenico prestallion. Owned by Susanna

We can arrange the following:

1 – Vetting

2 - Transport to any country

We have received horses from and arranged transport to places all over Europe, including Sweden , Norway , France , Holland , Germany and England.

3 – Visits to breeders.