Susanna Armstrong Gilmore

Susanna was born in Moscow her mother was Russian – her father American. She grew up in England and holds an American passport. “I began riding at the age of four and owned my first horse when I was eleven. I hunted for some years with the North Cotswold and heythrop hunt in England . In the ‘70's I moved to the Algarve in Portugal where I owned my own trekking and livery stable which was linked to the magazine “Riding” Captain Elwyn Hartley Edwards gave students classes on my horses there.”

Susanna was one of the first women to flat race under professional rules while in Portugal . She has also competed in eventing, show jumping and dressage and has worked with Polo ponies.



“Horses have always been my passion and whereever I have lived there have always been horses! My mother used to say it was the Tartar blood running in my veins…."

Susanna developed Caballos AL Kadar in 1998 - building a then small stables on what was a very overgrown abandoned finca but on a gorgeous river setting – a stones throw from the beach.

“I started a small livery yard and it just grew along with the horses, my love for tropical plants and trees was able to take form thanks to the wonderful balmy climate southern Spain lends itself to.

I spent the first years here breaking and training young mostly pure bred stallions and working with problem horses, or horses that had for one sad reason or another “gone wrong” and had become dangerous. The livery side soon began to grow and in 2006 I decided to go back to giving classes and also had the idea that people who shared my passion might like to come and ride some really good horses in the beauty of the Spanish countryside.

“Caballos Al Kadar” means “Horses of Destiny” and the horses of Al Kadar sure enough became mine!”

During the summer of 2007 Susanna has been weekly appearing on "The Oscar Horatio Show" Canal sur talking about... horses!

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